Desiccated coconut

Types: High fat long thread, chips, medium, fine, low fat
Annual capacity: 1800 MTs /month
Delivery time: 5-7 working days after receiving deposit or original L/C and label confirmation
Crop time: January- April every year
Packing: bags 7-9-10-25-50kgs
Shelf life: 12 months for coconut high fat and 24 months for coconut low fat

Detail product
In Vietnam, more than 70% coconut trees are growing in Bentre province. With this reason, Vietnamese calls Bentre – Kingdom of Coconut. Rich fat content, more from 63% to 68%, the world is evaluating coconut from Vietnam which is one of the best sources available now.Back to history, in 2002, Egyptian importers of black pepper are the first men who asking Vietnamese to make desiccated coconut. Before those days, people in Vietnam use coconut for drinking water only. In the very early morning of coconut industry here, the total production capacity is 6 tons per month. In addition, people made desiccated coconut by hands and dry it by a small drier!However, after 1 year, people knew benefit of this fruit after processed, lot of factories built. The factories upgraded their production capacity to 200 – 300 tons in 2003. Hence, total capacity of desiccated coconut in Vietnam was 15,000 tons per month in Bentre.Regarding to the cultivated square 140,000 ha, rank 4 in the world. And the total production is 13 million tons fresh coconut meat.Until 2019, desiccated coconut from Vietnam took an importance role in many bakery factories, curry cooking of whole world kitchens. Briefly, there are some main grades of its:Firstly, desiccated coconut high fat: fine, medium, coconut long thread, coconut chips. Beside of desiccated coconut high fat, we press the raw fresh coconut meat to obtain coconut milk to make coconut milk powder, coconut milk liquid. Hence, the by product of this progression is: desiccated coconut low fat. Thus, this desiccated coconut low fat has snow white color, pure white, much lighter than high fat. In one container 40ft can load 11 to 17 tons while we load 26 tons of the coconut high fat. The fat content of desiccated coconut low fat is 25-35%, 40-45% depends customer requirement.VIETNAM DESICCATED COCONUT CHIPS DE COCO
Commodity: Desiccated CoconutTrademark: MANH CUONG or as per customer’s requirement.Types: High fat long thread, chips, medium, fine, low fatAnnual capacity: 1800 MTs /monthDelivery time: 5-7 working days after receiving deposit or original L/C and label confirmationCrop time: January- April every yearPacking: bags 7-9-10-25-50kgsShelf life: 12 months for coconut high fat and 24 months for coconut low fatWe have 2 production line which have capacity to process 1800 tons of  desiccated coconut per month. Our factory achieved HACCP, GMP, SSOP. The coconut is non GMO, 100% natural and not an allergen. Moreover, the factory has QA team and lab for testing every batch before shipment. And then, assure quality accordingly.We have been exporting our desiccated coconut to more than 30 countries in the world. And for sure, customers are satisfied with quality with SSL inspected before shipment.
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