About us

About us
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MC Agri Group was established in 2017 as an exporter of a wide range of agricultural products. With the utmost emphasis on sustainability and traceability, we produce some of the finest Vietnamese Origin Black/white pepper, Cinnamon and Star Anise.

At MC Agri Group, with the latest and most modern technology, we believe that we can completely meet the highest requirements of customers and the world market.

With respect for the environment and society, our value chain is carefully controlled from farmer to customer to ensure product quality and clear traceability. We are also a green business with negative greenhouse gas emissions by building sustainable plantations areas and creating positive impact on the environment and biodiversity.

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Become the world's leading enterprise in providing Spices products with clear origins and the best quality. Always be a green business with negative greenhouse gas emissions. Enrich and protect indigenous cultural values ​​and biodiversity.


We develop a sustainable Spice value chain from farmers to customers and share equitable benefits to the local environment and society. With careful control of production stages, we provide products of the highest quality, ensuring the requirements of all customers.

Sustainable Development