MANH CUONG GROUP is a major supplier of pure spices in the global market. Our spices are expertly sourced from VietNam quality growers. We process, grind, and manufacture a full line of spices and herbs. Customization is our specialty. “We are excited to acquire the assets from one of the leading spice imports and distributors in America,” said CEO Elly Pham.

At MC we have always believed that the most modern and latest technologies provide the safest, purest and most hygienic spice products that meet the high expectations of our customers and partners.

Our team of professionals who provide in-depth analyses and testing of our products before, during and after the manufacturing processes. For us, quality is more than an important goal; it is a commitment we have to our different customers.

Overall, our energetic and passionate people who love to be part of delivering healthy and environment-friendly products to our buyers by focusing all their energies in using the natural means in a standard way.